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Best shake place in Bangalore

Shake It Off was conceived as a shake bar specializing in a wide array of thickshakes. Established in March 2016, we have since expanded to 15 different locations. Our company ethos revolves around fostering friendships and advocating for hope and happiness. Embracing the motto "Celebrating friend-sips," we encourage people to relish their moments with friends and welcome us into their gatherings.


Our team is dedicated to operating as more than just a business; we see ourselves as a platform offering a safe, professional, and process-driven environment. We aim to empower individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, providing them with ample opportunities for personal growth and the chance to alter the trajectory of their future generations. In this spirit, we affectionately refer to ourselves as the Shake It Off Institute of Management, where the pursuit of knowledge is ongoing and never ending.


Our goal is to establish a presence on all online delivery platforms, delivering fresh and hygienic beverages alongside a curated selection of snacks, available round-the-clock.


We aim to be recognized as the most cherished food brand, both within India and internationally, embodying the essence of a trusted friend.



Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Manager No.: +91 78920 62252
Owner No.: +91 78290 54321

Devrabisnahalli, Bengaluru

Manager No.: +91 90192 74522
Owner No.: +91 97413 97047

Whitefield, Bengaluru

Manager No.: +91 80959 84832
Owner No.: +91 74067 55476


Hauz Khas, Delhi

Manager No.: +91 6399 079 741
Owner No.: +91 83680 68252

Sector 39, Gurgaon

Manager No.: +91 99165 98743
Owner No.: +91 78290 54321

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